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Award-winning author of the Rowan of the Wood YA fantasy series. Helps emerging authors feel successful by educating them about the publishing industry and marketing their book. Needs copious amounts of dark chocolate, frothy mochas, and loving attention.

Review: “Delightful” and “Exciting”

Zephyr-4WEBBitten by Books just released their review for Book 3 and 4 of the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Special thanks to Lori who has reviewed all four books so far. Although she didn’t like the third book, Fire of the Fey, as much, I’m quite grateful she kept reading the series…especially because she loved the fourth book Power of the Zephyr! I’m looking forward to her thoughts on the fifth and final book, Spirit of the Otherworld.

Here’s what she has to say about Power of the Zephyr…(excerpt)

This fourth book in the Rowan of the Woods series is every bit as delightful as the first two books. Filled with magic, excitement and even zombies, this is a fast-paced and exciting page- turner. I must admit that I was a little worried as to where the series was going as it seemed to have taken a wrong turn in book three, but Ethan and Christine Rose have definitely found their way back to the highway with Power of the Zephyr.

Lori gave Power of the Zephyr FOUR STARS! Sweet!

In fact, I’m glad for her two-star rating for Fire of the Fey because then her four- and five-star ratings mean so much more. I know she’s not just being nice; she’s being honest. Book three is interesting. We’ve had some readers say it was their FAVORITE of the first three, and then we’ve had others say they didn’t quite get it or, like Lori said, it felt too disjointed. Fire of the Fey has become an important bridge between the first two and last two books. It gives more in depth conflict in some of the characters, and it’s the last book in which we visit the past throughout, a pattern established in the first book. Books 4 and 5 stay mostly in the present with the only visit to the past happening at the very beginning. This makes for a more cohesive storyline. Besides, you know all the characters so well now, there is no need for more background.

A few years ago, Lori reviewed both Rowan of the Wood and Witch on the Water, books 1 & 2, respectively. Rowan of the Wood earned a four-star rating from Lori, and Witch on the Water got a whopping FIVE STARS!


Thank you so much, Lori. I can’t wait to read your review on the conclusion.

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Review: “The best book ever made.”

Hyperbole. I use it often for emphasis, especially when overwhelmed with joy or another passionate emotion, so I deeply appreciate this glowing 5-star review by reader K. A. Schaefer for the 5th book in the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series: SPIRIT OF THE OTHERWORLD.

Awesome! The best book ever made. The ending is the best, and the green man- amazing! I can’t think of a better book to read! ~ by K. A. Schaefer (Dallas, TX)

This review made my morning. It made my entire week!

K. A. Schaefer’s review is super special because of a few reasons:

  1. It wasn’t prompted. I haven’t asked for reviews, as I have done in the past because sometimes people just don’t think to leave one. This was a complete surprise today.
  2. Although I might know K. A. Schaefer personally, since they live in Dallas where my family lives and where we’ve done many events, I don’t recognize the name right off the bat. An unprompted review from a reader inspired to post solely on their joyful experience from reading our book is huge for this author. Certainly not unprecedented, but like many independent authors with limited distribution and marketing budgets, it is rare. This review is all the more beautiful because of it.
  3. The review specifically compliments the ending of the book, and for those who have read my stories or those I write under O. M. Grey, you know that endings are something with which I struggle.

This review renews hope in my heart.

It’s truly amazing what a few nice, genuine sentences can do for the artist’s soul. Please keep this in mind, dear readers, after you’ve read our books. A few heartfelt sentences keeps the creative fires burning and costs you nothing more than a few minutes of your time.

Thank you, K. A. Schaefer, for sharing your joy with me and the world.

May you find peace.


OKAY! Who’s next to fall in LOVE with ROWAN OF THE WOOD? Remember book 4, Power of the Zephyr, is FREE today and tomorrow on Kindle. Book 1 (Rowan of the Wood) is only $2.99. Book 2 & 3 (Witch on the Water and Fire of the Fey) are only $3.99, and book 5 (Spirit of the Otherworld) is $5.99. For under $20, you can get the entire series on your KINDLE (or through your free Kindle app).

They’re also all available in paperback if you prefer.


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Fall in LOVE with Rowan of the Wood


Now that all five titles are out, it’s time to fall in love with Rowan. Read the tragic love story of Rowan and Fiana, separated by time, but their love remains strong throughout the ages.

Cullen Knight, our young hero, finds love as well. Will his heart go to the goth Maddy or the happy-go-lucky April? Perhaps there is a new love on the horizon for our little knight.

FREE today through Sunday, Feb 16, on the KINDLE, Book 4: Power of the Zephyr

As always, you can get all these books in paperback via or on the Kindle. The first two are available author-signed directly from us and in other eBook formats via Smashwords.

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Last Chance Offer for SPIRIT


Between now and Thursday, February 6th at 11:59pm PST, you can get all five author-signed books for just $70 (including shipping). That’s over a $20 savings! Hurry…offer ends in two short days.


SpiritCvr_4WebRemember, very soon, you’ll only be able to get author-signed books at one of the *very few* events we’ll be doing this year. For now, books are available here, individually, but not for long.

Only need the last one?

Spirit of the Otherworld is going to print TODAY, so you can still pre-order your author-signed copy until 11:59pm PST on Thursday, Feb 6th. Make sure you get yours.

As always, they are available via and the Kindle at your convenience.

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Sweets for the Sweet!

SpiritCvr_4WebSuper happy to announce this!

Spirit of the Otherworld (Rowan of the Wood, Book 5) is at the editors as I type! This means that, barring any major snafus, it will be out by Valentine’s Day!

Pre-order your copy now, as we’ll only be offering a limited number of author-signed copies. Make sure you get one by reserving it via pre-order.

The Freak Squad gets split up and goes on some fun albeit unbelievable adventures, all scrambling to decipher Cullen’s trust and figure out how to defeat the evil witch Fiana once and for all.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

May you find peace.

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At Long Last: Spirit of the Otherworld

SpiritCvr_4WebAlthough I wish this post was announcing the actual release of the fifth and final book in the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series, as originally planned for a Christmas 2013 release, I’m proud to at least unveil the cover of Spirit of the Otherworld: Rowan of the Wood, Book Five.

For those of you who follow this blog, and especially my alter-ego O. M. Grey’s blog, you’re aware of some of the challenges that have delayed the composition and release of this book. It’s been a rough few years in the Rose household, but we’re survivors. I’m thrilled to tell everyone that Ethan has made a full recovery from his near-fatal accident nearly a year ago, and my health problems are back under control.

Depending on the editor’s after-holiday schedule and availability, Spirit of the Otherworld should be shipping by Valentine’s Day! You can pre-order your copy now using THIS LINK. It will be available via and on the Kindle format. Other eBook formats will be special order through me.

Keep abreast of all the latest news by following this blog and “liking” our author page on Facebook. Announcements are there first. Although we still officially have a newsletter, it has long since become too much of an expense to run it monthly, so it will be reserved for major announcements only.

We will be offering only a limited number of author-signed copies over the internet, so ensure you get yours and pre-order your book today! Ethan and I are planning to go back on the road at some point with all five books, as well as O. M. Grey’s five, but it will be sometime in the future after we get back on our feet and have rebuilt our savings. You can help (as well as get an amazing set of books for the reader in your family) with your support! Pre-order Spirit of the Otherworld and tell your friends, family, teachers, students about our fantastic fantasy series.

You can also order any of the previous four titles from Amazon or author-signed directly from the Rowan of the Wood website using the link at the top that takes you to the “shop.”

Happy Christmas!
Merry Solstice!
Happy Hanukkah!
Merry Kwanza!
Seasons Greetings!

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, in the words of Blues Traveler: “Peace on Earth to everyone, and abundance to everyone you’re with.”

May you all find peace.

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FREE Stories and Novels

For the next two weeks, my alter-ego O. M. Grey is giving away free books! She’s being really sneaky, though. She’s not telling you which books are free on what days unless you LIKE her FB fan page: — you can find out hints from there when a book will be free over between now and 10/31.

Alternatively, check on her Amazon Author Page to see what’s listed for free. While you’re there, why not get a short story for under $2 to read over lunch?

PSSSST, here’s a little secret: you can read her books (and my books) anytime you’d like for FREE with Amazon Prime! Even if you don’t want to fork out the $79/yr (although it’s *so* worth it with the free 2-day shipping, free books, and loads of free Amazon videos), you can get a FREE 30-Day Trial and read them during those 30 days!

—> USE THIS LINK <—- to start your Amazon Prime Free Trial today!

New O. M. Grey Short Stories:

  • Inevitable Enlightenment.” Trace the existential thoughts of a zombie after the apocalypse. $0.99 (FREE with PRIME, as are the rest below)
  • Come to Me.” Jason’s boring Monday turns into one full of adventure and horror when his mother’s strange affliction takes him and his sister around the world. Based in Scottish Mythology. $0.99
  • The Handy Man.” After losing his hand in a work accident, Linus Cosgriff adapts a new invention to please women and relieve them from symptoms of hysteria. Adult Content. $1.99
  • Heart of Stone, Flesh of Ice.” Several men mysteriously disappear after a night of passion during a ski vacation. Based in Japanese Mythology. $1.99
  • Hannah & Gabriel.” Dark Fantasy Steampunk retelling of Hansel & Gretel. $1.99
    This story is also available along with 11 others, poetry, and articles in the collection Caught in the Cogs: An Eclectic Collection for only $2.99.

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New Release: Avalon Revamped

Today is the official release day for my alter-ego’s new book: Avalon Revamped.

This is the long-awaited sequel, of sorts, to the Amazon Gothic Romance bestseller Avalon Revisited, available from Riverdale Ave Books in either paperback or eBook.

About Avalon Revamped:

Arthur Tudor, a vampire for nearly four-hundred years, finds himself bored with life and love, yet again. His tolerance for his newly-turned girlfriend Avalon wanes, and he’s on the prowl for fresh blood to drink and succulent flesh to pierce. While investigating a series of mysterious disappearances, the couple comes face to face with Constance, a succubus committed to exacting justice for violated women. The supernatural trio joins forces to stop a serial rapist and murderer. Set in Victorian London, this Steampunk horror novel is about justice, retribution, and redemption.

Let true justice prevail…

Here is what C. L. Stegall, author of The Blood of Others, has to say about Avalon Revamped:

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to read a piece of work that makes me think, “This is the one the will put this author on the map of the reading world.” Avalon Revamped is that book for O. M. Grey. It deals with some horrific truths and should be read by every person on the planet. It is a great adventure, with serious underpinnings that elevate it into a higher realm of genre literature.

Still haven’t read Avalon Revisited? It’s high time! It not only won the Steampunk Chronicles’ Readers’ Choice Award in 2012 for best novel, it also was an Amazon Gothic Romance best seller! You can get your copy from Riverdale Ave Books, on (paperback & Kindle), or on a variety of eBook formats. Or, if you prefer to listen to your books, there’s an audio version of Avalon Revisited available via AudioRealms.

Still not convinced? Read what others have said about my scribblings.

Find O. M. Grey’s other works for purchase, and even some for free, and view her complete works all on the pages of her blog:

Buy your copy of Avalon Revamped today in paperback or for the Kindle.



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Elimination Diet: Day 24

Day 24 with only 4 days to go on the 28-day Elimination Diet. Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, I’m re-introducing dairy to see if there is a major reaction. Like I said last week, I pretty much have reactions to everything, no matter what. The one thing that has reduced considerably is the mood changes and bouts of very dark depression, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Quite literally happy! :)

It’s a wonderful feeling.

I start my new job at Starbucks next week, and I know that part of the job is learning about coffee and learning how to taste it properly, like fine wine. I can’t drink caffeine because of the drastic reaction I have to it, so it will be interesting to see how I can fulfill this part of the job drinking only decaf. Even their decaf has too much caffeine for me. Regardless, today I’m having my first cup of coffee in a month. Decaf Pike’s Place Roast with half and half. Tomorrow: my long-awaited, beloved Starbucks mocha. Mmmmmm.

The detox part is challenging because the detox herbs and amino-acids and other supplements I must take to kill all the bad bacteria and such make me nauseous. I have to space them out throughout the day and take them with food. I’m taking Oregano Oil which is potent stuff and must be taken with food, but it can’t be taken the same time as Betaine HCL, which I’ve stopped taking for now, because I get really sick with them both. Too hard on the stomach. The Detox Herbs and tincture, of which I must take 6 pills and 40 drops twice a day, must be with food.

The great news is that I’m really feeling great most of the time and I’m back down to 125, the weight before I left for London. I’m back to running 2-4x a week and ramping up the running intervals again. I’m motivated to work/write/create a lot more often, although sometimes the regimen takes me out midday and I need a nap. I accidentally had some wheat-contaminated oats the other day, and I had an intense emotional reaction a few hours later. Not sure if it was detox, withdrawal, the wheat/gluten, or the oats. I’ll be trying those separately soon (GF oats and wheat) to see if either has the same reaction.

So, all in all, this elimination diet has been a great success! I still have months of work to do, but I’ll be watching everything quite closely. I use the LoseIt app to count calories again, and I’m now using the Food Allergy Detective app. It’s been really helpful in showing that I’m pretty much just allergic to food right now. It lays everything out so you can see patterns easily, something I was having trouble doing with just journaling.

More soon!

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Elimination Diet: Day 20

So. This is what I’ve learned so far from the elimination diet: I have an intolerance to food. All food. Every bit of it, and I haven’t even re-introduced dairy, wheat, gluten, or yeast, yet. Everything from plain quinoa to organic rice cakes to winter squash. Although some symptoms have lessened, most haven’t. None have disappeared completely.

Frustrating, but I’m glad to know it because it means there’s an underlying issue that’s not only causing my symptoms but also causing any food sensitivities. I’m learning a lot from The Immune System Recovery Plan (thanks to Antony for recommending it). It has confirmed that I have hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid), as well as moderate adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, and dysbiosis (harmful bacterial or yeast intestinal overgrowth). It has also helped me understand how these health issues have been caused by the personal traumas and professional stresses of the past few years. They all concern me, but especially the leaky gut, as it means my small intestines may have been irreparably damaged. Since I’m genetically predisposed to  autoimmune disorders, and everything that’s happening to me are the precursors to (if not already) an autoimmune disorder, my primary goal moving forward is to heal. That means removing past and current stresses from my life, wherever possible, and possibly adopting a new path.

I still have eight days to go on the Elimination Diet, and I’ll keep reintroducing foods to see if there are symptoms above and beyond those that occur no matter what I eat. I’m specifically looking for those that will trigger a depressive or anxiety episode, as those have happily been kept at bay more or less, and that’s not nothing. Not by a long shot. I’m also starting the regimen to heal my gut based on information from the above book, so the bacterial/yeast die-off might cause those symptoms alone. It’s all so confusing. I’ll be eating a diet without gluten, yeast, or dairy most of the time. I won’t purchase any of those items, so it will just be the odd time eating out that I’ll encounter them, no more than once a week. That way I’ll be able to keep track of the symptoms more easily.

Many of you are awaiting the fifth and final book in the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series. Spirit of the Otherworld will be out by Christmas if at all possible. That, along with two more titles from my alter-ego Olivia Grey due out in the next six weeks, will pretty much wrap up my career as an author, at least for the foreseeable future. I might put out an O. M. Grey collection of short fiction and poetry in early 2014, just to round out my book titles to the nice, even number 12 and get everything off my plate. If I do anything else book-wise in the mean time, it will be to develop lesson plans for the Rowan of the Wood series for the fourth grade.

As the year comes to a close, I’ll be getting away from many social networks, deleting the Olivia Grey Facebook profile completely at the end of this year, but updates of her career and any new writings will still be available via her Facebook Fan Page and her blog. Please follow both. I’ll be keeping my Christine Rose Facebook profile as well as the Christine and Ethan Rose Fan Page. My profile will be more personal for actual friends and colleagues, so do “like” our Fan Page if you don’t know me personally.

I’ve taken an entry-level Barista position with Starbucks as a sort of therapy/reintegration into the nonvirtual world. It will be wonderful to have my head filled with drink orders and to worry about nothing other than which syrup to use and what kind of milk, at least that’s what I’m hoping. It will be nice to have somewhere to go, I think, and Starbucks has been my solace and sanctuary for quite some time. I will no doubt still write as the inspiration strikes, but it will likely only be short fiction and nonfiction, if anything. Actually, I’m hoping this job will renew my inspiration to write and spark new ideas for stories and characters, so it might not be the end after all. Regardless, moving forward I’ll be doing things quite differently.

May you all find peace.


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