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Award-winning author of the Rowan of the Wood YA fantasy series. Helps emerging authors feel successful by educating them about the publishing industry and marketing their book. Needs copious amounts of dark chocolate, frothy mochas, and loving attention.

8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

Originally posted on Change From Within:

When I recently read this fantastic article from Jamelle Bouie entitled Why Do Millenials Not Understand Racism?, I couldn’t help but think it didn’t go far enough.

As someone who works with young people all the time, I definitely see the patterns Bouie describes in his analysis of research done by MTV (yeah, MTV does research! Whodathunk?), but it’s just too simple to say that Millenials don’t understand racism.

I think a lot of millenials in general misunderstand the connection between systems of oppression and interpersonal experiences of prejudice, but this is also a race-specific problem.

And by race-specific, I mean that this is a White people problem more than anything.

Now, let me be clear about why this article is directed at White people.

First, I am White, and as such, my role in ending racial oppression must be in engaging other White people to join accountable work…

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Stop Thinking Like a Perpetrator: 4 Ways to Better Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

Stop Thinking Like a Perpetrator: 4 Ways to Better Support Survivors of Sexual Violence


Excellent article. It’s time to stop using perpetrator violence and shine a light on sexual violence.

Originally posted on Change From Within:

Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence and Rape Culture

It’s been heartening to see the ways that sexual violence is being discussed more comprehensively and holistically in public discourse these days. More than anything else, the credit for this development rests with the brave survivors who are choosing to speak out and tell their stories while pressuring colleges, universities, and all levels of government to be more responsive to the needs of survivors.

From Know Your IX and SurvJustice, to brave individuals like Zerlina Maxwell, Angie Epifano,Wagatwe Wanjuki, and the countless others who are stepping up to share their stories, we’re witnessing a movement.

This movement has transformed many universities’ approaches to sexual violence prevention and response, and it has even made it to the U.S. Congress and the White House, with Obama standing up for all survivors of rape in a way no other U.S…

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London KidRated 10/10!

Check this out friends and followers! The brilliant Stanley Laney gave Rowan of the Wood a KidRated score of 10 out of a possible 10!!

Watch for yourself:

Stanley doesn’t give out 10s easily, either. In fact, the only other thing to have ever rated a 10 by this London Kid was the hike over the O2 Dome.

Not even a cool practice operation on a stuffed animal with a proper veterinarian rated a 10…that’s just how highly Stanley thinks of our Rowan.

Cheers, Stanley. xo

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Read the Actual Words for a Change

20140803-230739-83259458.jpgI’ve gotten several messages and emails lamenting the death of O. M. Grey or to express a sadness that I’m quitting writing…only I’m not quitting writing.

I got so many messages, in fact, I doubted my own memory of what I wrote just two days ago, so I went back to “Caught in the Cogs” and reread the “RIP OMG” post.

Turns out. I’m not crazy.

I didn’t say I was quitting writing. Not even once. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ukiah Corner Gallery Art Show

Edgar & Me

Edgar & Me

For the entire month of July, my visual art and books will be on display in the front window at the Ukiah Corner Gallery. I’m ever so excited about this! It’s the first time in my life that my visual art has been on display in public.

There will be a reception for this month’s featured artists, me and one other artist, during the town’s “First Friday” celebration, which actually occurs on the second Friday this month because of Independence Day.

July 11, 2014. 5pm – 8pm.

So far, the response to my work has been overwhelmingly positive. While completing several of the pieces, I’d post them on my Facebook page in progressive images. From the background through the finished work, followers and friends got to see the painting transform in stages.

Due to the great response, I’ll be offering prints to several of the pieces. All of my available art is listed in this public photo album on Facebook, and it will soon be on art sites like Fine Art America and our Etsy page. In this Facebook photo album, examine each piece of art more closely along with its description, medium, and price for the original.

UCG1I’m accepting commissions at the moment, too. Email me if you’d like to see my rendition of your favorite author or musician…or even a cityscape or landscape.

See these paintings close-up in my Facebook photo album entitled Original Art & Prints. Leave a comment here or there and let me know your thoughts! Email or message me directly if you’re interested in a print, and I’ll get a quote to you ASAP. I’m working with photographer and founding member of the Ukiah Corner Gallery Elliot Little to get high quality prints made for those who are interested.

If you’re in northern California, stop on by the Corner Art Galley during the month of July and see them for yourself! Remember, the opening reception is July 11th between 5 and 8pm. Although I will unfortunately be at another scheduled event in Colorado (busy! busy! busy!) during the reception on the 11th, there will be plenty of other artists to speak with.

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Valhalla Renaissance Faire

Rowan as Green Man

Rowan as Green Man


Ethan and I have the great joy of being part of the 22nd Annual Valhalla Renaissance Faire this year in South Lake Tahoe. We’ve been trying to get into this faire for years, so we’re super excited about it.

Look for our booth, then come in and say hello! We’ll be doing live demonstrations of wood carvings (Ethan will be carving magic wands) and woodcut printmaking from a Green Man I carved. Also, find the complete set of the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series, all of O. M. Grey’s books, and books by Triscelle Publishing and Robert Stickmanz. Plus, magic wands, Scottish spurtles, fine art (including the big Rowan as Green Man painting, left), and fun little amigurumi crocheted goodies like octopus clips, baby Cthulhus, and voodoo dolls.

So if you’re in the Tahoe/Reno/Sacramento area, consider reveling in the joy of the Renaissance this weekend and/or next at the Valhalla Renaissance Faire! If you mention this post, you will get Witch on the Water FREE when you buy a copy of Rowan of the Wood.


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Be Heathy & Save Money, The Easy Way

It was a great day when I discovered Lindsay and Happy Herbivore. For those of you who follow me here or on Facebook, you know I’ve been struggling with some health and digestive issues. Since doctors keep dismissing my symptoms as “all in my head,” even though the lab results are suspect, I’ve had to take a lot of my health into my own hands.

Much to my horror, I realized my husband and I (yes, just the two of us) were spending nearly $800/month on groceries and supplements! We’re far from rich people, so this is far from okay! It’s absurd. Even though we eat mostly organic and mostly fresh, $800 is ridiculously high. We were going to the grocery store 2 or 3 (sometimes 4!) times a week. We’d find ourselves cooking up wilting kale or other greens before they went bad. We ate well, but I still usually felt hungry (part of the digestive problems).

The HCL and enzymes helped with some of the GI issues, but slowly they crept back. The supplements given to me by the very expensive naturopath made me put on 5 lbs (thankfully not more), and I haven’t been able to take if off since, no matter how much I limited calories or increased exercise. Yes, thyroid problems, as well. Although the elimination diet helped me uncover some food intolerances that went a long way in improving my mood stability and minimizing both the dark times and the GI issues, the other diets I tried just increased anxiety. I’ve stopped all supplements except 5HTP every other day and sporadic digestive aids. Read the rest of this entry »

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