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Review: “The best book ever made.”

Hyperbole. I use it often for emphasis, especially when overwhelmed with joy or another passionate emotion, so I deeply appreciate this glowing 5-star review by reader K. A. Schaefer for the 5th book in the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series: SPIRIT OF THE OTHERWORLD.

Awesome! The best book ever made. The ending is the best, and the green man- amazing! I can’t think of a better book to read! ~ by K. A. Schaefer (Dallas, TX)

This review made my morning. It made my entire week!

K. A. Schaefer’s review is super special because of a few reasons:

  1. It wasn’t prompted. I haven’t asked for reviews, as I have done in the past because sometimes people just don’t think to leave one. This was a complete surprise today.
  2. Although I might know K. A. Schaefer personally, since they live in Dallas where my family lives and where we’ve done many events, I don’t recognize the name right off the bat. An unprompted review from a reader inspired to post solely on their joyful experience from reading our book is huge for this author. Certainly not unprecedented, but like many independent authors with limited distribution and marketing budgets, it is rare. This review is all the more beautiful because of it.
  3. The review specifically compliments the ending of the book, and for those who have read my stories or those I write under O. M. Grey, you know that endings are something with which I struggle.

This review renews hope in my heart.

It’s truly amazing what a few nice, genuine sentences can do for the artist’s soul. Please keep this in mind, dear readers, after you’ve read our books. A few heartfelt sentences keeps the creative fires burning and costs you nothing more than a few minutes of your time.

Thank you, K. A. Schaefer, for sharing your joy with me and the world.

May you find peace.


OKAY! Who’s next to fall in LOVE with ROWAN OF THE WOOD? Remember book 4, Power of the Zephyr, is FREE today and tomorrow on Kindle. Book 1 (Rowan of the Wood) is only $2.99. Book 2 & 3 (Witch on the Water and Fire of the Fey) are only $3.99, and book 5 (Spirit of the Otherworld) is $5.99. For under $20, you can get the entire series on your KINDLE (or through your free Kindle app).

They’re also all available in paperback if you prefer.


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FREE Stories and Novels

For the next two weeks, my alter-ego O. M. Grey is giving away free books! She’s being really sneaky, though. She’s not telling you which books are free on what days unless you LIKE her FB fan page: — you can find out hints from there when a book will be free over between now and 10/31.

Alternatively, check on her Amazon Author Page to see what’s listed for free. While you’re there, why not get a short story for under $2 to read over lunch?

PSSSST, here’s a little secret: you can read her books (and my books) anytime you’d like for FREE with Amazon Prime! Even if you don’t want to fork out the $79/yr (although it’s *so* worth it with the free 2-day shipping, free books, and loads of free Amazon videos), you can get a FREE 30-Day Trial and read them during those 30 days!

—> USE THIS LINK <—- to start your Amazon Prime Free Trial today!

New O. M. Grey Short Stories:

  • Inevitable Enlightenment.” Trace the existential thoughts of a zombie after the apocalypse. $0.99 (FREE with PRIME, as are the rest below)
  • Come to Me.” Jason’s boring Monday turns into one full of adventure and horror when his mother’s strange affliction takes him and his sister around the world. Based in Scottish Mythology. $0.99
  • The Handy Man.” After losing his hand in a work accident, Linus Cosgriff adapts a new invention to please women and relieve them from symptoms of hysteria. Adult Content. $1.99
  • Heart of Stone, Flesh of Ice.” Several men mysteriously disappear after a night of passion during a ski vacation. Based in Japanese Mythology. $1.99
  • Hannah & Gabriel.” Dark Fantasy Steampunk retelling of Hansel & Gretel. $1.99
    This story is also available along with 11 others, poetry, and articles in the collection Caught in the Cogs: An Eclectic Collection for only $2.99.

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New Release: Avalon Revamped

Today is the official release day for my alter-ego’s new book: Avalon Revamped.

This is the long-awaited sequel, of sorts, to the Amazon Gothic Romance bestseller Avalon Revisited, available from Riverdale Ave Books in either paperback or eBook.

About Avalon Revamped:

Arthur Tudor, a vampire for nearly four-hundred years, finds himself bored with life and love, yet again. His tolerance for his newly-turned girlfriend Avalon wanes, and he’s on the prowl for fresh blood to drink and succulent flesh to pierce. While investigating a series of mysterious disappearances, the couple comes face to face with Constance, a succubus committed to exacting justice for violated women. The supernatural trio joins forces to stop a serial rapist and murderer. Set in Victorian London, this Steampunk horror novel is about justice, retribution, and redemption.

Let true justice prevail…

Here is what C. L. Stegall, author of The Blood of Others, has to say about Avalon Revamped:

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to read a piece of work that makes me think, “This is the one the will put this author on the map of the reading world.” Avalon Revamped is that book for O. M. Grey. It deals with some horrific truths and should be read by every person on the planet. It is a great adventure, with serious underpinnings that elevate it into a higher realm of genre literature.

Still haven’t read Avalon Revisited? It’s high time! It not only won the Steampunk Chronicles’ Readers’ Choice Award in 2012 for best novel, it also was an Amazon Gothic Romance best seller! You can get your copy from Riverdale Ave Books, on (paperback & Kindle), or on a variety of eBook formats. Or, if you prefer to listen to your books, there’s an audio version of Avalon Revisited available via AudioRealms.

Still not convinced? Read what others have said about my scribblings.

Find O. M. Grey’s other works for purchase, and even some for free, and view her complete works all on the pages of her blog:

Buy your copy of Avalon Revamped today in paperback or for the Kindle.



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Second Edition Now Available + Free Books to Writing Groups!

NonFiction4Web2ndEdIt’s out! It’s finally out!

The SECOND EDITION to my Amazon bestselling Publishing and Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author is now available for purchase via paperback or download for your KINDLE (or Kindle App on smart phones, tablets, or computers). If you’ve got a Kindle Fire, you’ll even get color photographs and screen shots! COOL!

New in this edition:

  • CreateSpace or LSI? Which is best for you?
  • Why you should never publish with LuLu or Xlibris.
  • Learn about Duotrope & breaking into the short story market
  • Run your own Kickstarter and fund your book through Crowd-Sourcing
  • Learn how Facebook Pages & Groups can help launch your book and find your audience

If you’d like an author-signed copy, you can get one straight from the publisher. Also, ask me how to get FREE copies of the 1st edition for your writing group!


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Do Duotrope!

(From my forthcoming 2nd Edition to Publishing and Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author)

Duotrope lists virtually every market for short stories and provides a handy submission tracking device. I truly can’t recommend Duotrope highly enough. You can research markets by genre, pay, story length, and more. As you research, you can save particular markets to your favorites list if they stand out or you could add them to your ignore list if they are something you’d never do, like religious fiction, for example.

Their Calendar is a huge source of inspiration. It’s a place where themed journal issues and anthologies are chronicled by deadline. You can even filter the Calendar by pay level (any, token, semi, or pro), type (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry), genre, and medium (print, audio, or online).

Here is an example of what the Calendar looks like filtered for pro-payment for February and March 2013 deadlines: Read the rest of this entry »

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Book Review: Darker Still – A Novel of Magic Most Foul

Simply splendid. In fact, I’d go as far as to say: Brilliant!

That’s what I think of Darker Still: A Novel of Magic Most Foul

I first started reading Ms. Hieber’s work when my agent introduced me to the author. We hit it off immediately, and have stayed in touch through the years. I adored her first two books, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker and The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker. Although life happened and I never got a chance to read the third in that series, I plan to as soon as I’ve had my fill of the Magic Most Foul series. After all, there is only so many hours in a day!

Rather late to the game for this book, I’m pleased overall because now I don’t have to wait for the sequels! I’m reading The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart: A Novel of Magic Most Foul right now, and I’m loving every word of it. In fact, I had started reading that one first. I loved it so much, that I didn’t get must past the first chapter before I simply had to start with the first book. Hieber does an amazing job of making Twisted Tragedy stand alone, but I wanted the full experience, and I’m so glad I went back to read Darker Still first! Read the rest of this entry »


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Choose CreateSpace over LSI

As I said in my Publishing & Marketing Realities book: Amazon is an author’s best friend. Hands down. I stick by that statement even two years later. Even though so much has changed in the publishing industry it’s hardly even recognizable from what it was two years ago. Amazon, although it’s had its own changes, is still an author’s best friend.

From their Author Central service, free to any author, to their POD printer/distribution services through CreateSpace, I adore They make my job as an independent author so much easier. I’ll be writing another post soon on all the great benefits an author has through, including associates kickbacks and sales figures, but for today, I’m going to focus on CreateSpace.

Two years ago I was an unwavering advocate for Lightning Source Distribution (LSI) over CreateSpace (CS) or any other POD printer. Not anymore.’s CreateSpace has surpassed LSI on virtually every level. This started when and LSI split back in 2011. That’s when things started to change.

Here’s an excerpt from my forthcoming second edition:

Amazon’s CreateSpace (CS) has become my #1 recommended resource for self-publishers and even micro/small publishers. There are several indie publishers who publish at least ten different authors that are now going the CS route as well. Since Amazon’s split with LSI, coupled with CSs free and easy set up, their professional product, and their distribution through the largest worldwide bookseller, CreateSpace has become the self-publisher’s dream. Read the rest of this entry »

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