New Watercolor Work


A few months ago I published a post about my Patreon page. This is a reminder to all my readers about that page and my watercolor artwork. For as little as $1/mo you can support me and my art via Patreon.

For 2018, I’ve committed to doing some form of art everyday, as well as working in my watercolor journal twice a week. Much of that work will be viewable by patrons only.


There are several tiers of support ranging from $1/mo – 30/mo, depending on what you’d like out of it. For just $1/mo you get behind-the-scenes processes, a 15% discount through my FineArtAmerica shop, and patron-only content.

If you can afford more, choose from things like monthly paintings, being part of the inspiration, getting hand-painted holiday cards, and more!


You can, of course, pledge any amount you’d like without the perks, too.

Please show your support today by signing up! 🙂

May you all find peace.

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