Yodeling in Quarantine


What a fucking time to be alive. Global pandemic the like that hasn’t been seen for a century. Currently in the USA, we have over 300k confirmed cases, 3x that of a week ago,

Brian and I have been in self isolation for 25 days (even though I say 24 in the video. Losing count!), starting 10 days before the official state order. We’re fortunate enough to be able to work from home, so unlike so many others in the world, we’re relatively okay.

Still, a little stir crazy.

Thus this video….

Game “Hey Robot,” as mentioned in the video. Great fun!

I’ve been also sewing masks for Heath care workers on the front lines and practicing watercolor, which you can see on my Instagram and/or support me on my Patreon. I’ve just turned in a 97k manuscript of my survival memoir to an editor for further guidance. It will be the 12th book I’ve written. I hope to have it ready for publication this fall.

It’s been 12 years since Rowan of the Wood was first published, but I’ve been considering reading it chapter by chapter on video for some entertainment during this quarantine where so many have too much time on their hands. Stay tuned! I might actually get around to it!!

In the meantime, enjoy my yodeling, learned from Beth Williams on YouTube.

See you soon!

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