Short Stories

Complete list of Published Works, mostly short fiction or poetry under former pen name O. M. Grey, but 11 books listed as well. Find many of these via the Amazon Author Page for Christine Rose and O. M. Grey.

Links to free short stories are at the bottom of the page.


  • A Kiss in the Rain.” Short Story. Mammoth Book of Gaslit Romance. Anthology. August 2014.
  • The Clockwork Heart.” Short Story. Steampunk Trails. July 2014.
  • Spirit of the Otherworld. Novel. Blue Moose Press. February 2014.
  • “Mental Illness in Steampunk.” Article. Steampunk Magazine. TBD.
  • “Steampunk Community Response.” Article. Steampunk Magazine. TBD.
  • “Wine-Flavored Kisses.” Short Story. Slave to Blood. Anthology. Riverdale Ave Books. TBD.
  • “Hannah & Gabriel.” Short Story. The Scroll. TBD.



  • “Dead Mule Crossing.” Short Story. eSteampunk. eZine. October.
  • “Look Into My Eyes.” Poem. SNM Horror Mag. eZine. Dark Poetry. August.
  • Power of the Zephyr. Novel. Blue Moose Press. August.
  • “Of Aether & Aeon.” Short Story. Gearhearts Steampunk Glamour Revue #3. Magazine. June.
  • “If I Had Known…” Poem. A Long Story Short. eZine. February.




  • “How They Did It. From Pittance to Paris: True Independent Spirit Christine Rose Chronicles the Making of her First Film, the Controversial Doc “Liberty Bound.” Movie Maker Magazine. 62:13. March 19, 2006. 38-39. Print.
  • “Reel Life. Internationally Speaking: A Global Collaboration.” IndieSlate Magazine. Issue 43. 39-40. Print.
  • “Escaping the Cage.” Living a Life of Value: A Unique Anthology of Essays on Values & Ethics by Contemporary Writers. Ed. Merchey, Jason A. VOW Press: 2006. Print.
Online Content
Book Addict on Pop Syndicate (now defunct)

“Big Bouncing Bustles.” (as O. M. Grey). Guest Post. April 24, 2010. Web.

Common Dreams
“Our Arrogance Will Be the End of Us.” Article. August 28, 2005. Web.



The following short stories were written by my alter-ego There are more free stories available via, as well as podcasts & poetry. Have a look!

Additionally, my husband and co-author Ethan Rose has some free stories on his blog. They are all flash fiction, that is under 1500 words, unless otherwise noted.


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