“You’ll Submit”

Sending some silliness your way! I rewrote the lyrics to Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back” and made a video mocking Trump’s refusal to concede.

National Despair

Today on The Daily Rose, i’ll be talking about the uncertainty of our future in the United States and the despair and depression it’s causing in so many, including me.

ICE Deportations

Starting on October 16th, ICE will be able to deport people immediately if they can’t prove—right there and then—they’ve been in the USA at least two years legally. Plus, some election updates on today’s episode of The Daily Rose.

Mass Sterilizations at ICE

A few months ago I wrote an article entitled “The Bottom Line,” outlining the terrifying trend toward fascism in the USA, especially under Trump. Now many people think the “f” word is being alarmist or hyperbolic, but my article gives examples and definitions of the words used. Because, as Socrates said, define your terms.  (Miriam…

The Bottom Line

We are slowly boiling alive. I’m referring to what is known as the “Boiling Frog Syndrome,” meaning when things happen slowly enough we don’t realize the danger until it’s too late. Socrates said, “The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” It’s not even possible to have a discussion if the word I use carries a different…