Poignant Psychosis in the Psycho Prequel

I wrote on this topic, complete with a series summary, on my newly revived LiveJournal account, if you’d like to be friends there. The post is long and rambling, but it’s more thorough than this one. SPOILERS: Bates MotelTW: sexual and domestic violence, suicide, murder, mental illness Today is Day 50 of Quarantine for me….

Valentine’s Day Love & Horror Stories to Share

This blog, I’m ashamed to admit, has been very much on and off for the past year, expressly against my own advice! This is what happens when an author tries to maintain two separate author personae. Not enough time. Not enough energy. I’m working on merging the two, over time. My alter ego, O. M….

Emerging Author Spotlight: Craig Wallwork

This week’s Emerging Author Spotlight is on Craig Wallwork and his short story “Morning Birdsong and the Hell Demons” in celebration of Short Story Month 2011 (#ssm2011) I seriously laughed out loud while reading this piece. Several times. It’s published with The Jersey Devil Press, and it’s definitely worth a read. Craig has many more…