Beneath the Matterhorn

Okay. So I couldn’t see it well, but I did indeed see The Matterhorn. Even better, I went snowshoeing in The Alps for the second year in a row. Last year I was in the Austrian and Bavarian Alps. This year, I’m in the Swiss Alps, and this is The Matterhorn! I went snowshoeing BENEATH THE MATTERHORN!

For Just A Few Moments

….for NJD…. For just a few moments I captured your heart A sweet, brief reunion After decades apart For just a few moments We talked through the night Sharing stories and thoughts Of both darkness and light


F*CK FEELINGS, by Michael Bennet & Sarah Bennet, might’ve been the best purchase I’ve made all year. The book’s premise falls somewhere between Nihilism and Buddhism, which is exactly where I fall, so it speaks to me. It’s about “managing expectations, accepting limitations, and wrangling Assholes,” and it’s done in a very frank and often hilarious way…

My Dangerous Heart

Beware! Oh, beware! My dangerous heart Its treachery knows no boundary Forever alone Forever apart It killed the love that had found me. True interest remains As long as you stay Far, far and away from it For when you get close It swallows you whole Trapped in its cavernous pit. Impressive and smart Romantic…

I Forgot to Live

I wrote this poem in Wordsworth’s Garden only a day after going to the hospital due to stress at work and loss of a support structure. Being out in the Lake District reminded me how much I had missed while working so much, which this week felt all for naught.

Stepping Out of Hell

Yesterday was an important day. February 12th. That date has haunted me for the past four years. I’d see it everywhere, and I’d remember. Even if I hadn’t thought of it for quite some time, I’d remember when I’d look at my watch at 2:12. When my coworker from extension 212 would forward a call,…

Major Changes in the Autumn of Life

The past five years have been the most difficult of my life. The person I was in 2010 is dead, but it was a slow, agonizing death brought about by deceptions, betrayals, and even sexual assault. Just when I thought I couldn’t lose anymore, after having lost my community, my faith, my job, my home,…