For Just A Few Moments

….for NJD…. For just a few moments I captured your heart A sweet, brief reunion After decades apart For just a few moments We talked through the night Sharing stories and thoughts Of both darkness and light

My Dangerous Heart

Beware! Oh, beware! My dangerous heart Its treachery knows no boundary Forever alone Forever apart It killed the love that had found me. True interest remains As long as you stay Far, far and away from it For when you get close It swallows you whole Trapped in its cavernous pit. Impressive and smart Romantic…

I Forgot to Live

I wrote this poem in Wordsworth’s Garden only a day after going to the hospital due to stress at work and loss of a support structure. Being out in the Lake District reminded me how much I had missed while working so much, which this week felt all for naught.

The Moment You Smiled

The moment you smiled The moment you laughed The moment your sparkling eyes fixed on me The moment you spoke The moment you sighed That was the moment my soul was set free The curve of your neck The shape of your lips The way that you tilt your head when you speak The tone of…