Choose CreateSpace over LSI

As I said in my Publishing & Marketing Realities book: Amazon is an author’s best friend. Hands down. I stick by that statement even two years later. Even though so much has changed in the publishing industry it’s hardly even recognizable from what it was two years ago. Amazon, although it’s had its own changes,…

Valentine’s Day Love & Horror Stories to Share

This blog, I’m ashamed to admit, has been very much on and off for the past year, expressly against my own advice! This is what happens when an author tries to maintain two separate author personae. Not enough time. Not enough energy. I’m working on merging the two, over time. My alter ego, O. M….

P&MR Second Edition Coming Soon!

Coming very soon, like in March, the new, improved, updated Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author, Second Edition. So much has changed in the past two years since I wrote this book, that it’s high time for an update. In the second edition, MAJOR CHANGES to LSI and CreateSpace as viable publishing options….