Birthday Cameos

My Cameo videos from Harry Potter actors, a birthday gift from a special friend.

“You’ll Submit”

Sending some silliness your way! I rewrote the lyrics to Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back” and made a video mocking Trump’s refusal to concede.

Black Lives Still Matter

The current revolution in Portland all started with the Black Lives Matter movement, and it still very much is about the Black Lives Matter movement, although many POC feel the focus has shifted away from the BLM movement. It seems like the focus hasn’t been shifted as much as broadened. (Granted, I have a very…

Yodeling in Quarantine

What a fucking time to be alive. Global pandemic the like that hasn’t been seen for a century. Currently in the USA, we have over 300k confirmed cases, 3x that of a week ago, Brian and I have been in self isolation for 25 days (even though I say 24 in the video. Losing count!),…